Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Win a sample Waybuloo magazine (UK)

Waybuloo Magazine has developed an online game to mark the launch of the magazine. Simply play the Waybuloo online game, Flight of the Narabug, and enter your details – there are 5,000 free samples to give away.

The game is another way for children to extend their enjoyment of the series and magazine. Children can play with De Li and her ‘Narabug’, helping to collect strawberries to share with the other Piplings. In addition, the game will give young children the opportunity to learn to mark the launch of Waybuloo Magazine, the pre-school title based on the new CBeebies programme and the first magazine to help children learn about feelings, understand emotions and their impact on the world around them. and develop their computer skills.

About Waybuloo Magazine
Waybuloo is the first pre-school magazine to help children learn about feelings and understand emotions. Through their engagement with De Li, Nok Tok, Lau Lau and Yojojo (the ‘Piplings’) in the land of Nara, the magazine aims to help a child’s development in a number of ways:
  • Feeling Good – helping children to understand how to care about themselves, their world and other people;

  • Communication – having fun sharing stories, making choices, thinking and talking about feelings and emotions;

  • Being Creative – confidently making things for themselves and others;

  • Finding Out – discovering more about things in the natural world and learning to appreciate them;

  • Physical Development – keeping fit and healthy with the Piplings, eating fruit & vegetables and trying yogo (a simple, gentle form of yoga).
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