Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Balancing Homeschooling And Working At Home

By Michelle Shaeffer

A common reason for moms to homeschool their children and work from home is that the at-home lifestyle appeals to them. It sounds like an ideal situation - you're home, the kids are at home, and everyone's happy.

But juggling a home business with homeschooling usually doesn't look as peaceful as it might sound. In fact, this is a more likely scenario:

You've planned to do a math lesson with your children at 9 am. Since you have a few minutes of peace while the kids are finishing breakfast, you decide to fit in a quick email check.

There's an email from a prospective client, who wants a proposal from you right away, for a juicy contract. There's still 20 minutes before you had planned to start your school day, so you start to reply. Well, one thing leads to another...

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