Monday, 28 September 2009

Maths Games Which Help Kids Get Better At Maths!

Do you worry about helping your child with their maths homework?

Are you home educating your child and dreading the daily maths lessons?

Is your child falling behind in maths at school because they need more time to understand and practise the basic principles?

Perhaps your child is bright at maths and needs to go faster than the rest of the class to stay interested?

When my daughter lost confidence in maths a few years ago, I subscribed to a then-new online animated maths tutor, Maths-Whizz. Within a few months Tilly was not only right back where she should be, but was actually working at least a year above expectations for her age group at school (and sadly she had taken Maths Whizz as far as it would go). She enjoyed her animated lessons and games, and was never reluctant to sign in to her "room". She has remained confident with maths ever since.

Since then, Maths-Whizz has gone from strength to strength.

* It has added an extra two years to its offering, and now caters for children from 5 to 13.
* It has successfully entered the US market with Math-Whizz.
* Over 4000 schools in both the UK and US have signed up for its online services as well as over 30,000 home users.
* Results over the years have shown that students who use Maths-Whizz for at least 45 minutes a week get better at maths.

And now a free version has been launched which offers a "taster" of the Whizz service - and I'm thrilled that I am able to offer that free version for you within Activity Village. All you need to do is click on the link, choose whether you are following a UK or US curriculum, and create a free account - then your child can start getting better at maths!

Try Maths-Whizz

Incidentally, Whizz have furnished me with the following interesting facts:

* Students typically make an internal decision in their own mind by the age of 9 on whether they are good at maths or not. Once they have made that decision it is hard to turn it around if it is negative.

* Students who are confident and good at maths at primary/elementary school typically end up doing well in maths at secondary school. Students who struggle by the end of primary/elementary school usually fail in maths at secondary school.

* Students who leave secondary school with a pass grade in maths have, statistically, higher incomes in their working life.

* Being confident in maths contributes to success in other school subjects.

In simple terms, the sooner you support them to become confident in maths, the better their future prospects are.

OK, but why personalised tutoring? Isn’t school enough?

Each child really has their own unique maths profile. This is why it is so difficult for teachers in school to cater for every child’s individual needs – because they are all so different! More confident students may find their “maths age” (ability) is ahead of their actual age, whereas less confident students may find their “maths age” is lower than their actual age. Furthermore, their ability may vary across the different topics. An eight year old may find that she is ahead in addition, but struggling and behind in fractions.

It is virtually impossible for a teacher to cater to each individual child’s specific needs in a school / classroom scenario. As a result many students who don’t use Maths-Whizz, or some other form private tuition, find they are unchallenged or, worse, left behind and can lose confidence and fail to reach their potential as a result.

This can affect students for the rest of their lives. Many adults lack confidence in basic maths and this can affect their personal confidence, earnings and employment prospects.

Give your child the Maths-Whizz Advantage! Compared to other forms of tutoring, such as private tuition or taking your child to learning centres like Kumon, Maths-Whizz Tutoring Plus:

* is more fun, which means students gain more enjoyment out of maths
* provides you with measurable results (you can view those with live progress reports)
* is more convenient. Access over the internet from the comfort of your home
* generates proven results (see website for details)
* is better value for money.

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