Thursday, 30 October 2008

Leprechaun Gallery

Smiling Leprechaun....

Leprechaun from the other planet?

Funky Leprechaun!

Down to earth!

Costume Hats Coloring Sheets

native american head dress coloring sheet for thanksgivingCostume Hats to Color
You'll find nearly a dozen free printable costume hat coloring sheets in this collection: a native American headdress and Pilgrim hat for Thanksgiving, a baseball cap, a crown, a sombrero, Uncle Sam's hat and coloring picture hats for cowboys, pirates and clowns.

Costume Hats Coloring Pages

Monday, 27 October 2008

Rainbow Coloring Sheets

Here you can find rainbow coloring sheets for kids to print out and color. Rainbows are a beautiful and fascinating weather phenomenon. When I was a kid I would get excited to catch a rare glimpse of a nice vivid rainbow in the spring sky.

I hope you and your kids love rainbows as much as my family and I do. Here are some coloring pages of rainbows for you to enjoy.

Rainbow coloring sheets with a pot of goal at the end.

Rainbow coloring sheets with rain and a friendly sun.

Free rainbow coloring sheets with clouds for kids to print and color.

Coloring book pages of rainbows for free printout for children.

Rainbow coloring sheets featuring the sun, and shamrocks on the ground. Free pages for kids.

Free rainbow stretching from the forest to a pot of gold coloring sheets.

Were these rainbow coloring sheets useful? I hope they were, and I hope you'll check out our other coloring page themes before you go. See you again!

Pattern Coloring Sheets

Here are some free pattern coloring sheets to print and color. These can help kids develop spatial awareness and mathematical ability. Plus they're fun and look cool when they're finished!

Squares overlapping pattern coloring sheets.

Pattern coloring sheets of intersecting lines.

Squares, triangles, and shapes free pattern coloring sheets.

Varying shapes overlapping and intersecting pattern coloring sheets for free.

Free pattern coloring sheets

I hope you liked these pattern coloring sheets. Be sure to check out some other fun and educational coloring book page collections before you go. See ya!

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Nancy Drew Coloring Sheets

Nancy Drew is an amateur detective and star of a famous mystery series written for children. The Nancy Drew series started in 1930 and continutes until this day. Nancy Drew was a staple in my elementary school's library when I was a kid, and is popular with kids today (my daughter is a fan).

Here are a few Nancy Drew coloring sheets for your kids to print and color.

Nancy Drew coloring sheets of emergency warning.

Outdoor spying Nancy Drew coloring sheets for kids to print and color.

Investigating in the dark Nancy Drew coloring sheets for free.

These Nancy Drew coloring sheets are a work in progress. I intend to add to this collection, so be sure to check back for updates! See ya!

Emma Frost Coloring Sheets

Emma Frost is a fictional comic character from Marvel Comics. She was originally an enemy of the X-Men, but is now one of their members. She is known as the hottest and sexiest comic book character there is. Her original name was The White Queen.

Here are some Emma Frost coloring sheets for you to print out and color.

Emma Frost coloring sheets to print.

Free Emma Frost coloring sheets of the White Queen to print and decocrate.

Emma Frost coloring page sheets for free.

The White Queen Emma Frost coloring sheets for free printout.

Emma Frost coloring sheet images of the White Queen.

Emma Frost coloring sheets

Were these Emma Frost coloring sheets useful for you? I hope so! Be sure to check out our other free coloring page collections before you go. See you again!

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Teddy Bear Coloring Pages

A very funny bear!

Balloon Coloring Pages

Make it colorful OK!

Book Coloring Harry Potter

J.K. Rowling's series Harry Potter is a worldwide sensation for both kids and adults alike. The tales from Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry inspire fantasy and imagination like few stories do.

My daughters love the Harry Potter novels, as I do, and they also love the Harry Potter movie series. J.K. Rowling created a fantastic series for the whole family to enjoy!

Here are some Harry Potter coloring book pages for your kids to enjoy!

Book coloring Harry Potter of Dragon enemy.

Book coloring Harry Potter sheets of Quidditch match!

Fantastical monsters book coloring Harry Potter pages.

Free Harry Potter coloring book pages for kids rollercoaster.

Coloring Book Harry Potter pages for print free.

Free Book coloring Harry Potter Quidditch game flying.

Dumbledore Harry book Potter coloring image sheets for free.

At school for book coloring Harry Potter students marching.

Book coloring Harry Potter image of free stained glass window picture.

J.K. Rowling book coloring Harry Potter crossing river in boat.

Book coloring Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, picture sheets for free.

Centaur book coloring Harry Potter page free kids.

Free Harry Potter coloring book pages for fun decorating.

Three-headed monster book coloring Harry Potter images for J.K. Rowling fans.

I hope these book coloring Harry Potter pages were useful and enjoyable for you! Be sure to check out some other coloring page collections before you leave. See you next time!

Magic School Bus Coloring Book Pages

The Magic School Bus is an educational children's book series that teaches science to kids in a fun way. A teach Ms. Frizzle takes her students on a school bus that goes on magical journeys to impossible places of learning, such as to the moon, inside the human body, to the bottom of the ocean, etc.

The book series has also been adapted into an animated television series.

Here are some Magic School Bus coloring pages to get your kids excited about the series!

book bus coloring magic school in space number 1.

book bus coloring magic school in space number 2.

Magic School Bus coloring book number 3 flying into the air.

Book bus coloring magic school number 4 underwater.

I hope you found these Magic School Bus coloring book pages useful and fun! Be sure to check out more coloring page collections before you go!

Book Bus Coloring Magic School pages for kids!

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Coloring Book Of Flames

Fire is a fascinating fact of nature, and something that is obviously dangerous and important for kids to understand. Here are come pages from a coloring book of flames pictures, to be used as part of teaching kids about fire safety.

Let's all help our children learn to play it safe while having fun coloring!

Fire pages from a coloring book of flames.

Fire pictures taken from a coloring book of flames

Coloring book of flames pictures for kids' fire safety education.

Burst of fire coloring book of flames raging inferno.

I hope you found this coloring book of flames pictures useful and entertaining. Be sure to check back often for more educational and fun coloring page themes for kids to print and color. See you next time!