Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Transformers Win The Fight Coloring Pages

Transformers Win The Fight Coloring PagesWe can see all our enemies drop down from here!



Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Transformer Transforming Coloring Pages

I have some problem with my automatic ligament



Monday, 28 September 2009

Backup From Transformers Coloring Pages

Backup From Transformers Coloring PagesBackup Arrives
The autobot arrive to help Lennox Fight of Megatron
and the Decepticons!



Maths Games Which Help Kids Get Better At Maths!

Do you worry about helping your child with their maths homework?

Are you home educating your child and dreading the daily maths lessons?

Is your child falling behind in maths at school because they need more time to understand and practise the basic principles?

Perhaps your child is bright at maths and needs to go faster than the rest of the class to stay interested?

When my daughter lost confidence in maths a few years ago, I subscribed to a then-new online animated maths tutor, Maths-Whizz. Within a few months Tilly was not only right back where she should be, but was actually working at least a year above expectations for her age group at school (and sadly she had taken Maths Whizz as far as it would go). She enjoyed her animated lessons and games, and was never reluctant to sign in to her "room". She has remained confident with maths ever since.

Since then, Maths-Whizz has gone from strength to strength.

* It has added an extra two years to its offering, and now caters for children from 5 to 13.
* It has successfully entered the US market with Math-Whizz.
* Over 4000 schools in both the UK and US have signed up for its online services as well as over 30,000 home users.
* Results over the years have shown that students who use Maths-Whizz for at least 45 minutes a week get better at maths.

And now a free version has been launched which offers a "taster" of the Whizz service - and I'm thrilled that I am able to offer that free version for you within Activity Village. All you need to do is click on the link, choose whether you are following a UK or US curriculum, and create a free account - then your child can start getting better at maths!

Try Maths-Whizz

Incidentally, Whizz have furnished me with the following interesting facts:

* Students typically make an internal decision in their own mind by the age of 9 on whether they are good at maths or not. Once they have made that decision it is hard to turn it around if it is negative.

* Students who are confident and good at maths at primary/elementary school typically end up doing well in maths at secondary school. Students who struggle by the end of primary/elementary school usually fail in maths at secondary school.

* Students who leave secondary school with a pass grade in maths have, statistically, higher incomes in their working life.

* Being confident in maths contributes to success in other school subjects.

In simple terms, the sooner you support them to become confident in maths, the better their future prospects are.

OK, but why personalised tutoring? Isn’t school enough?

Each child really has their own unique maths profile. This is why it is so difficult for teachers in school to cater for every child’s individual needs – because they are all so different! More confident students may find their “maths age” (ability) is ahead of their actual age, whereas less confident students may find their “maths age” is lower than their actual age. Furthermore, their ability may vary across the different topics. An eight year old may find that she is ahead in addition, but struggling and behind in fractions.

It is virtually impossible for a teacher to cater to each individual child’s specific needs in a school / classroom scenario. As a result many students who don’t use Maths-Whizz, or some other form private tuition, find they are unchallenged or, worse, left behind and can lose confidence and fail to reach their potential as a result.

This can affect students for the rest of their lives. Many adults lack confidence in basic maths and this can affect their personal confidence, earnings and employment prospects.

Give your child the Maths-Whizz Advantage! Compared to other forms of tutoring, such as private tuition or taking your child to learning centres like Kumon, Maths-Whizz Tutoring Plus:

* is more fun, which means students gain more enjoyment out of maths
* provides you with measurable results (you can view those with live progress reports)
* is more convenient. Access over the internet from the comfort of your home
* generates proven results (see website for details)
* is better value for money.

Try Maths-Whizz

Chess For Kids!

Chess is an excellent game for kids. It teaches them strategic thinking, logic and it's fun, too! We have the rules of Chess, here, written so that children can understand them. Read online or download a printable version. And if you are desperate to start playing chess straight away and don't have a chess board or chess men, we have some printable versions of those, too!

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Coloring Pages Of Cars

sport car coloring page
Formula-1 sport car coloring page
VW car coloring page
Funny VW car coloring page
police car coloring page
Police car coloring page for kids

Funny Transformers Coloring Pages

Oops.. come on. Don't step on my flowers!



Saturday, 26 September 2009

Coconut Beach Coloring Pages

Coconut Beach Coloring PagesLife like a coconut, can grow up everywhere.
Come on download this coconut beach coloring pages



Friday, 25 September 2009

Free Surfboard Coloring Pages

Free Surfboard Coloring PagesThe wave is good, the wind is great!
Let's start our surfing lesson!



Thursday, 24 September 2009

Spring coloring pages

Christmas wreath coloring pages

Christmas wreath coloring page


The Little murmaid coloring pages

Free Bratz Coloring Pages

Free Bratz Coloring PagesWhat are you waiting for? Just click me and make me colorful!



Diwali - Lots NEW!

Diwali is celebrated from 17th October this year, and we have lots new on the site if you are interested in learning about this Hindu Festival of Light - or celebrating yourself.

We have many original Diwali craft ideas, including ideas for creating your own diya and rangoli.

Diwali cards to print, New Diwali and Bhaiya-Dooj cards to print and colour, Fireworks acrostic printables, Happy Diwali gift/money envelopes, diya alphabets, and more!

Celebrate this special day for brothers and sisters with our new "Brother" and "Sister" printables

We've got some really pretty Diwali colouring pages and "Happy Diwali" colouring cards. New this year are Bhaiya-Dooj colouring pages and colouring cards, too!

A new "How Many Diya Lamps?" puzzle

Rangoli are a beautiful designs drawn outside the entrance to a house by Hindus at Diwali. We have 18 new rangoli designs...

Rangoli - Ideas, inspiration and colouring!

A traditional rangoli design

Rangoli are beautiful, often symmetrical, designs drawn on the ground outside the entrance to a house by Hindus during Diwali celebrations. There are many different ways of creating rangoli, and different regions of India have different traditions.

Some of our rangoli colouring pages

Our rangoli craft ideas have been up on the site for a few years now and have proved very popular, but this year we have updated the page and added some photos of wonderful rangoli to inspire your creative efforts! We've got grid papers to help you design your own rangoli, and we have also added 18 pages of fairly simple rangoli colouring pages for those who would like more of a head-start. These look beautiful when coloured and cut out, and can also be used as outlines for rangoli designs using glue and glitter, coloured salt or rice, or pulses.

Jack painting his rangoli design outside

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Family Train Coloring Pages

Family Train Coloring PagesI wonder if my family has a train like this.
I can go to all the place I want




Here's a cute Hello Kitty Halloween FREE and PRINTABLE paper doll - print this on card paper and cut out the fancy dress outfits so you can dress up Hello Kitty this Halloween as an angel... a witch and even as Darth Vader!

Here's another Halloween Hello Kitty coloring page for you all...

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Connect The Dots Coloring Page

connect the dots coloring page
Connect the dots coloring page - kick off

Funny Old Train Coloring Pages

Funny Old Train Coloring PagesWhere's the smoke of this old train? Can you make it for me?
Hmm.. its okey, make your own train smoke.




Happy Halloween Disney fans - here are some free, printable Halloween coloring pages that show Winne the Pooh and Piglet and also Mickey Mouse's face as a pumpkin! Enjoy and Happy Hallowee to you all!

Monday, 21 September 2009


Here is a list of all the original first (Generation One)  Pokemon that many of us have grown up with. 

On this website of Pokemon coloring pages you will find coloring sheets for most of these Pokemon - especially of Pikachu, Ashley and Team Rocket. When you find a Pokemon coloring page you'd like to color in, click on the image and it will open full size - then print however many copies you need  - maybe one for you and some for your friends or classmates.

The list below gives first the number  - then the Pokemon's name in English followed by the Japanese name in Japanese and the Japanese name written in English characters.

001 Bulbasaur フシギダネ
Fu-shi-gi-da-ne Fushigidane

002 Ivysaur フシギソウ
Fu-shi-gi-so-u Fushigisou

003 Venusaur フシギバナ
Fu-shi-gi-ba-na Fushigibana

004 Charmander ヒトカゲ
Hi-to-ka-ge Hitokage

005 Charmeleon リザード

Ri-za-a-do Lizard

006 Charizard リザードン
Ri-za-a-do-n Lizardon

007 Squirtle ゼニガメ
Ze-ni-ga-me Zenigame

008 Wartortle カメール
Ka-me-e-ru Kameil

009 Blastoise カメックス
Ka-me-k-ku-su Kamex

010 Caterpie キャタピー
Kya-ta-pi-i Caterpie

011 Metapod トランセル
To-ra-n-se-ru Transell

012 Butterfree バタフリー
Ba-ta-fu-ri-i Butterfree

013 Weedle ビードル
Bi-i-do-ru Beedle

014 Kakuna コクーン
Ko-ku-u-n Cocoon

015 Beedrill スピアー
Su-pi-a-a Spear

016 Pidgey ポッポ

Po-p-po Poppo

017 Pidgeotto ピジョン
Pi-jo-n Pigeon

018 Pidgeot ピジョット
Pi-jo-t-to Pigeot

019 Rattata コラッタ
Ko-ra-t-ta Koratta

020 Raticate ラッタ
Ra-t-ta Ratta

021 Spearow オニスズメ
O-ni-su-zu-me Onisuzume

022 Fearow オニドリル
O-ni-do-ri-ru Onidrill

023 Ekans アーボ
A-a-bo Arbo

024 Arbok アーボック
A-a-bo-k-ku Arbok

025 Pikachu ピカチュウ
Pi-ka-chu-u Pikachu

026Raichu ライチュウ
Ra-i-chu-u Raichu

027 Sandshrew サンド
Sa-n-do Sand

028 Sandslash サンドパン
Sa-n-do-pa-n Sandpan

029 Nidoran (F) ニドラン♀
Ni-do-ra-n (mesu) Nidoran♀

030 Nidorina ニドリーナ
Ni-do-ri-i-na Nidorina

031 Nidoqueen ニドクイン
Ni-do-ku-i-n Nidoqueen

032 Nidoran (M) ニドラン♂
Ni-do-ra-n (osu) Nidoran♂

033 Nidorino ニドリーノ
Ni-do-ri-i-no Nidorino

034 Nidoking ニドキング
Ni-do-ki-n-gu Nidoking

035 Clefairy ピッピ
Pi-p-pi Pippi

036 Clefable ピクシー
Pi-ku-shi-i Pixy

037 Vulpix ロコン
Ro-ko-n Rokon

038 Ninetales キュウコン
Kyu-u-ko-n Kyuukon

039 Jigglypuff プリン
Pu-ri-n Purin

040 Wigglytuff プクリン
Pu-ku-ri-n Pukurin

041 Zubat ズバット
Zu-ba-t-to Zubat

042 Golbat ゴルバット
Go-ru-ba-t-to Golbat

043 Oddish ナゾノクサ
Na-zo-no-ku-sa Nazonokusa

044 Gloom クサイハナ
Ku-sa-i-ha-na Kusaihana

045 Vileplume ラフレシア
Ra-fu-re-shi-a Rafflesia

046 Paras パラス
Pa-ra-su Paras

047 Parasect パラセクト
Pa-ra-se-ku-to Parasect

048 Venonat コンパン
Ko-n-pa-n Kongpang

049 Venomoth モルフォン
Mo-ru-fo-n Morphon

050 Diglett ディグダ
Di-gu-da Digda

051 Dugtrio ダグトリオ
Da-gu-to-ri-o Dugtrio

052 Meowth ニャース
Nya-a-su Nyasu

053 Persian ペルシアン
Pe-ru-shi-a-n Persian

054 Psyduck コダック
Ko-da-k-ku Koduck

055 Golduck ゴルダック
Go-ru-da-k-ku Golduck

056 Mankey マンキー
Ma-n-ki-i Mankey

057 Primeape オコリザル
O-ko-ri-za-ru Okorizaru

058 Growlithe ガーディ
Ga-a-di Guardie

059 Arcanine ウインディ
Wi-n-di Windie

060 Poliwag ニョロモ
Nyo-ro-mo Nyoromo

061 Poliwhirl ニョロゾ
Nyo-ro-zo Nyorozo

062 Poliwrath ニョロボン
Nyo-ro-bo-n Nyorobon

063 Abra ケーシィ
Ke-e-shi-i Cayce

064 Kadabra ユンゲラー
Yu-n-ge-ra-a Yungeller

065 Alakazam フーディン
Fu-u-di-n Houdin

066 Machop ワンリキー
Wa-n-ri-ki-i Wanriki

067 Machoke ゴーリキー
Go-o-ri-ki-i Gohriki

068 Machamp カイリキー
Ka-i-ri-ki-i Kairiki

069 Bellsprout マダツボミ
Ma-da-tsu-bo-mi Madatsubomi

070 Weepinbell ウツドン
U-tsu-do-n Utsudon

071 Victreebel ウツボット
U-tsu-bo-t-to Utsubot

072 Tentacool メノクラゲ
Me-no-ku-ra-ge Menokurage

073 Tentacruel ドククラゲ
Do-ku-ku-ra-ge Dokukurage

074 Geodude イシツブテ
I-shi-tsu-bu-te Ishitsubute

075 Graveler ゴローン
Go-ro-o-n Golone

076 Golem ゴローニャ
Go-ro-o-nya Golonya

077 Ponyta ポニータ
Po-ni-i-ta Ponyta

078 Rapidash ギャロップ
Gya-ro-p-pu Gallop

079 Slowpoke ヤドン
Ya-do-n Yadon

080 Slowbro ヤドラン
Ya-do-ra-n Yadoran

081 Magnemite コイル
Ko-i-ru Coil

082 Magneton レアコイル
Re-a-ko-i-ru Rarecoil

083 Farfetch'd カモネギ
Ka-mo-ne-gi Kamonegi

084 Doduo ドードー
Do-o-do-o Dodo

085 Dodrio ドードリオ
Do-o-do-ri-o Dodrio

086 Seel パウワウ
Pa-u-wa-u Pawou

087 Dewgong ジュゴン
Ju-go-n Jugon

088 Grimer ベトベター
Be-to-be-ta-a Betobeta

089 Muk ベトベトン
Be-to-be-to-n Betobeton

090 Shellder シェルダー
She-ru-da-a Shellder

091 Cloyster パルシェン
Pa-ru-she-n Parshen

092 Gastly ゴース
Go-o-su Ghos

093 Haunter ゴースト
Go-o-su-to Ghost

094 Gengar ゲンガー
Ge-n-ga-a Gängar

095 Onix イワーク
I-wa-a-ku Iwaku

096 Drowzee スリープ
Su-ri-i-pu Sleep

097 Hypno スリーパー
Su-ri-i-pa-a Sleeper

098 Krabby クラブ
Ku-ra-bu Crab

099 Kingler キングラー
Ki-n-gu-ra-a Kingler

100 Voltorb ビリリダマ
Bi-ri-ri-da-ma Biriridama

101 Electrode マルマイン
Ma-ru-ma-i-n Marumine

102 Exeggcute タマタマ
Ta-ma-ta-ma Tamatama

103 Exeggutor ナッシー
Na-s-shi-i Nassy

104 Cubone カラカラ
Ka-ra-ka-ra Karakara

105 Marowak ガラガラ
Ga-ra-ga-ra Garagara

106 Hitmonlee サワムラー
Sa-wa-mu-ra-a Sawamura

107 Hitmonchan エビワラー
E-bi-wa-ra-a Ebiwara

108 Lickitung ベロリンガ
Be-ro-ri-n-ga Beroringa

109 Koffing ドガース
Do-ga-a-su Dogas

110 Weezing マタドガス
Ma-ta-do-ga-su Matadogas

111 Rhyhorn サイホーン
Sa-i-ho-o-n Saihorn

112 Rhydon サイドン
Sa-i-do-n Saidon

113 Chansey ラッキー
Ra-k-ki-i Lucky

114 Tangela モンジャラ
Mo-n-ja-ra Monjara

115 Kangaskhan ガルーラ
Ga-ru-u-ra Garura

116 Horsea タッツー
Ta-t-tsu-u Tattsu

117 Seadra シードラ
Shi-i-do-ra Seadra

118 Goldeen トサキント
To-sa-ki-n-to Tosakinto

119 Seaking アズマオウ
A-zu-ma-o-u Azumaou

120 Staryu ヒトデマン
Hi-to-de-ma-n Hitodeman

121 Starmie スターミー
Su-ta-a-mi-i Starmie

122 Mr. Mime バリヤード
Ba-ri-ya-a-do Barriered

123 Scyther ストライク
Su-to-ra-i-ku Strike

124 Jynx ルージュラ
Ru-u-ju-ra Rougela

125 Electabuzz エレブー
E-re-bu-u Elebuu

126 Magmar ブーバー
Bu-u-ba-a Boober

127 Pinsir カイロス
Ka-i-ro-su Kairos

128 Tauros ケンタロス
Ke-n-ta-ro-su Kentauros

129 Magikarp コイキング
Ko-i-ki-n-gu Koiking

130 Gyarados ギャラドス
Gya-ra-do-su Gyarados

131 Lapras ラプラス
Ra-pu-ra-su Laplace

132 Ditto メタモン
Me-ta-mo-n Metamon

133 Eevee イーブィ
I-i-bi Eevee

134 Vaporeon シャワーズ
Sha-wa-a-zu Showers

135 Jolteon サンダース
Sa-n-da-a-su Thunders

136 Flareon ブースター
Bu-u-su-ta-a Booster

137 Porygon ポリゴン
Po-ri-go-n Porygon

138 Omanyte オムナイト
O-mu-na-i-to Ammonite

139 Omastar オムスター
O-mu-su-ta-a Ammostar

140 Kabuto カブト
ka-bu-to Kabuto

141 Kabutops カブトプス
Ka-bu-to-pu-su Kabutops

142 Aerodactyl プテラ
Pu-te-ra Ptera

143 Snorlax カビゴン
Ka-bi-go-n Kabigon
144 Articuno フリーザー
Fu-ri-i-za-a Freezer

145 Zapdos サンダー
Sa-n-da-a Thunder

146 Moltres ファイヤー
Fa-i-ya-a Fire

147 Dratini ミニリュウ
Mi-ni-ryu-u Miniryuu

148 Dragonair ハクリュー
Ha-ku-ryu-u Hakuryuu

149 Dragonite カイリュー
Ka-i-ryu-u Kairyuu

150 Mewtwo ミュウツー
Myu-u-tsu-u Myuutwo

151 Mew ミュウ
Myu-u Myuu

Free Wall-E Coloring Pages

Free Wall-E Coloring PagesWe are friends, no matter what happen with this galaxy!
Let's color this Free Wall-E Coloring Pages


Monsters Theme!

Children - boys in particular - enjoy inventing, drawing and playing with "monsters" - especially as monsters break all the rules and have as many eyes and legs and tails and colours as children can imagine! We have some really cute monsters in our new monsters theme, and you will find some imaginative monster craft ideas, cute monster printable games, monster worksheets and story starters ... in sort, lots for monster fans! And of course, monsters are fun at Halloween, too...
Monsters Theme

Halloween Printables - Yes, more!

Halloween Cutting Shapes
Good practice for little hands! Use these Halloween cutting shapes to make a mobile, decorate the house, or stick to cards and invitations.
Halloween Cutting Shapes

Printable Halloween Games
We've got lots of new printable Halloween games today: a matching game, a sorting game and a set of Halloween dominoes...
Halloween Games