Thursday, 24 September 2009

Rangoli - Ideas, inspiration and colouring!

A traditional rangoli design

Rangoli are beautiful, often symmetrical, designs drawn on the ground outside the entrance to a house by Hindus during Diwali celebrations. There are many different ways of creating rangoli, and different regions of India have different traditions.

Some of our rangoli colouring pages

Our rangoli craft ideas have been up on the site for a few years now and have proved very popular, but this year we have updated the page and added some photos of wonderful rangoli to inspire your creative efforts! We've got grid papers to help you design your own rangoli, and we have also added 18 pages of fairly simple rangoli colouring pages for those who would like more of a head-start. These look beautiful when coloured and cut out, and can also be used as outlines for rangoli designs using glue and glitter, coloured salt or rice, or pulses.

Jack painting his rangoli design outside
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