Thursday, 13 January 2011

Winter Coloring Pages Collections 2011

winter coloring pages snowman smile

Download Winter Coloring Pages: Anyway, in Europe, winter snow may become a regular sight. If there are lectures in the morning, travel from flat to campus, with snow falling like cotton is not a romantic journey, annoying.

Imagine, at 8 am the sun is still obscure, the temperature often falls below zero. Pray there is no wind, the wind makes the air temperature fell lower. If it snowed last night, the streets are so slick abysmal. Gratitude-gratitude that campus officials had time to sprinkle the roads with salt or sand. If not, get ready to slip. Step must be slowly and carefully. Should the steady-soled shoes if you do not want fingers and soles of the feet cold. Of course you should not forget gloves, scarves, and hats that cover the ears. Body wrapped really like meatball!

Life in Canberra, Australia, first I think somewhat friendly winter temperatures. Early in the morning sun dawned with a light golden yellow. The sky often appears beautiful with bright blue, cloudless. But once out of the house, bbbrrrrrr .... Apparently, the sighting was just a 'screen saver'. Temperatures are still guns promise: cool!

During the winter do not expect to leave the house before it wrapped tightly like a cake. It's even become like a ritual every time they leave home. 'Difficulties have' that will never be experienced in Indonesia, often successfully make a homesick on earth Mother Earth, who if they want to stay out of the house grabbed the shoes only, no need to install a pair of pants, shirt or jacket so many layers of thick wind stopper, with the underwear material thermal.
winter coloring pages snowman
winter coloring pages skiing
winter coloring pages house
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