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Snow Coloring Pages 2011

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Download Snow Coloring Pages 2011 Moon turn red, sky observers and millions of people in the United States witnessed a rare event, a lunar eclipse in the winter.

When the eclipse occurred, in the northern Hemisphere, the duration being the shortest day this year. In north America, Greenland, and Iceland, a total lunar eclipse occurred in the early morning December 21. While in the west, eclipse seen on December 20, starting in the afternoon. According to Dr Robert Massey, astronomer at the Royal Astronomical Society, this eclipse visible in northern England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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"Eclipse in the winter months show a different color. There are several other colors that look. The color will change from gray to orange and finally reddish," said Ed Krupp, Some astronomers say, the total lunar eclipse that occurred in last winter occurred in 1638 and will happen again in 2094.

Lunar eclipse occurs when Earth, moon and sun are in the same line. So that the sun should be about the moon's surface is covered by the shadow of the earth. Color change occurs because the sun penetrate the earth's atmosphere before it hit the surface of the moon.

Earth's atmosphere hold in blue and orange and red off to the moon. When the moon looks reddish, it's because when the moon began to shadow the earth is covered by other particles in the vicinity of the earth's atmosphere. Examples such as ash from volcanic eruptions

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