Friday, 4 March 2011

Save the Children Libya Appeal

Save the Children launches £1million appeal for children affected by Libya crisis, as humanitarian situation deteriorates. 

Save the Children has launched a £1million appeal for children affected by ongoing unrest in Libya, as the humanitarian situation in the country continued to deteriorate.

The charity estimates that one million children are at risk because of violence and potential food shortages in the west of the country.

Esree is a ten year old girl from Egypt who usually lives with her family in Libya
Save the Children has emergency response teams in Eastern Libya, Egypt and on the Tunisian border, and is taking the first steps to meet the humanitarian needs of children caught up in the crisis.

Money raised by the appeal will be used in Eastern Libya for child protection activities and for support for essential services such as schools and hospitals. The funds will also be used to prepare for a wider humanitarian response in parts of the country currently beyond the reach of aid agencies due to the situation.

Of particular concern is situation in Western Libya, where government forces are continuing to vie with opposition for control of towns. More than a million children live in the area, and are at risk of being caught up in violence, being affected by potential shortages, and suffering trauma as a result of their experiences.

Children we have spoken to in Libya have been telling us how frightened they are of what could happen next, from running out of food to being orphaned by the violence,” Owen said. “It absolutely essential that we are ready to help as soon as we can reach them.”

Save the Children has an emergency response team in Eastern Libya assessing the needs of the population in opposition controlled areas, as well as emergency specialists on the Tunisian and Egyptian borders monitoring the needs of refugees as they cross. To donate to our work in Libya call 0800 8148 148 or visit 

Here are some examples of how your donations could be put to good use:

£15 - Children’s schoolbag kit
Designed to provide a child with basic education materials for 3 months while they are displaced, in transit or with no permanent school site

£50 - Teacher’s replenishment kit
Designed to replenish teachers’ supplies for a class of up to 50 people with basic materials

£1000 - Multi-purpose Tent
These provide rapid and flexible solutions and can be used to create child friendly spaces, temporary schools, clinics, nutrition centres or accommodation

£2,300 - Child Friendly Space kit
Designed to provide the temporary infrastructure required for an initial response. Can also be used for setting up temporary schools, clinics, nutrition centres or accommodation

£5,500 - Emergency Health Kit
Designed for a population of 10,000 for 5 months – consisting of a both basic medicines and equipment, and a supplementary unit of comprehensive medicines, essential infusions (e.g. iv medicines) and medical devices (e.g. catheters, feeding tubes).
Can you spare something today to help?  
A transition camp has rapidly been set up for all the people fleeing the last week of violence in Libya
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