Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Finger Knitting Fun

We have been having fun playing with wool recently. While my 10 year old can now knit quite well (thanks Grandma!), my other children still found it frustrating. However this frustration was solved when we discovered finger knitting. We started with single finger knitting which is very simple, all you need is yarn (thick yarn gives best results) and fingers! There is an excellent demonstration here:

From this we progressed on to four finger knitting - this is slightly more demanding but gives you a more versatile end product (think toy scarves instead of belts!). These two videos show different techniques for finger knitting - personally I prefer the second method but just love the presentation in both...

I now make sure that we have some yarn with us for long car journeys and have a simple way to keep children occupied. Why not give it a try?

NB: Please do not allow your children to browse video sharing sites unsupervised! Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...


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